Floyd in Bremen, a website dedicated to photography

I am pleased to welcome you on the private website Floyd in Bremen. I offer here the possibility to share with you my pictures taken over years without any pretention. A grand part is dedicated to the trips, to allow you to discover other different places before willing to travel yourself one of these days.

Other pictures are reflecting my hobbies or preferences, my cats, motorbikes and great cars, the city of Bremen where I am living, some bridges (I know that is obviously curious), panoramas (for the ones who own an extra-wide screen). I just kindly ask you not to use these pictures for a commercial or business purpose.

There is a professional part too. I am Webmaster, PHP/MySQL dabase developper, JAVA developper, this area is for reference only. If you need a help, if any, I still can give you some tipps. I do not use any dedicated software to write my code source. I am just a kind of Web's worker. As a conclusion, I wish you a nice trip in my website, recommend you to activate JavaScript to enable all existing functions, and if you think that the whole thing did not look extremely crappy, you can still leave a comment.