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Passification, a Java application

Introduction :

Internet security should play an important role, it is frustrating to get your computer hacked, your Facebook account or even worse your bank account datas, the common practise is to use Internet for plenty of things. This small software keep complicated passwords for you. Well, it is useless, we should NEVER save a password on a computer... Anyway, you still can generate a password without saving it.

Installation :

Just download the ZIP archive. Create a folder on your computer, wherever you want. Extract the archive under the created folder. Java must be installed on your computer, if not just go there : Download Java- Linux usersOpen a terminal and execute the shell script (extracted from the ZIP archive).- Windows usersJust double click on the .bat script or simply the passification.jar document.

Like all Java applications, it does need a certain time to start.

How to use it :

Click on register, fill an address email and password, confirm the password, click on the button register. Close the application, start it again and get logged by filling the email address and password plus a click on the login button. Passification does not accept strange application names (only letters). Passification ist self-explanatory, just try it.

Conclusion :

This small software can be deleted simply by deleting the folder created for it. Passification does not contain any element which may deteriorate or affect your computer.

Download the API Passification for Linux Download the API Passification for Windows